Thursday, 18 December 2014

Crisp Criticism - "Annie", "Horrible Bosses 2", "St. Vincent"

Julien Faddoul


A foster kid, who lives with her mean foster mom, sees her life change when a business tycoon and New York mayoral candidate makes a thinly-veiled campaign move and takes her in.
Icky stock confection taped together with fabricated vocals and some truly atrocious acting.

d – Will Gluck
w – Will Gluck, Aline Brosh McKenna   (Based on the Musical Book by Thomas Meehan)
ph – Michael Grady
pd – Marcia Hinds
m – Greg Kurstin
ed – Tia Nolan
cos – Renee Ehrlich Kalfus

p – Jay Brown, Will Gluck, James Lassiter, Jada Pinkett Smith, Caleeb Pinkett, Tyran Smith, Will Smith, Jay-Z

Cast: Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhane Wallis, Cameron Diaz, Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Horrible Bosses 2

The three idiots from the first film decide to start their own business until a slick investor intervenes, leading to a kidnapping scheme.
Nasty comedy with everyone concerned visibly chagrined at what they’ve been directed to do.

d – Sean Anders
w – Sean Anders, John Morris, Jonathan M. Goldstein, John Francis Daley, Michael Markowitz
ph – Julio Macat
pd – Clayton Hartley
m – Christopher Lennertz
ed – Eric Kissack
cos – Carol Ramsey

p – Chris Bender, John Morris, Brett Ratner, John Rickard, Jay Stern

Cast: Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Chris Pine, Christoph Waltz, Jonathan Banks, Lindsay Sloane

St. Vincent

A young boy whose parents have just divorced finds an unlikely friend and mentor in the misanthropic, bawdy, hedonistic war veteran who lives next door.
Painfully earnest and phony mean-old-man-becomes-friendly tale. It plays more like an elongated sitcom episode.

wd – Theodore Melfi
ph – John Lindley
pd – Inbal Weinberg
m – Theodore Shapiro
ed – Sarah Flack, Peter Teschner
cos – Kasia Walicka-Maimone

p – Peter Chernin, Theodore Melfi, Fred Roos, jenno Topping

Cast: Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts, Chris O’Dowd, Terrence Howard, Jaeden Lieberher, Kimberly Quinn

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