Thursday, February 7, 2019

The 2018 Cinema Touch Awards - ACTOR

Julien Faddoul

5. The Guilty – Jakob Cedergren
For deftly ricocheting from irritable entitlement to pure kindness and empathy. He commands the screen, which is super lucky for everyone else involved.

4. The Sisters Brothers – John C. Reilly
For a soulful portrayal of a simple man who exploits situations and uncovers his personal identity. He continues to be one of the most reliable and frustratingly underappreciated character actors working today.

3. The Death of Stalin – Steve Buscemi
For a perfect balance of tyrannical urgency and bumbling neurosis. He anchors the whole thing with his dyspeptic charm in the way only Buscemi can.

2. The Death of Stalin – Simon Russell Beale
For pulling off an incredibly tricky tonal tightrope. He is hilarious yet the repulsiveness of Lavrentiy Beria is unshakeable. A marvel.

1. First Reformed – Ethan Hawke
For a truly brilliant work of martyrdom, as what is probably the most wearily jaded of Schrader’s emotionally debilitated men. He makes it all seem effortless.

Runner Up: Private Life – Paul Giamatti

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