Sunday, 10 March 2013

The 2012 Cinema Touch Awards - SUPPORTING ACTRESS

Julien Faddoul

5. Hello I Must Be Going – Blythe Danner

For giving the movie virtually all its dramatic verve and for doing it festively. Nobody plays the vinegary mother better than her.

4. Killer Joe – Gina Gershon

For giving the role all the cracked inelegance she can muster and going for broke. Even when she plays trash she's still as gorgeous as ever.

3. Cloud Atlas – Doona Bae

For providing such a generous dose of humanity and sparkle. She is second only to Mr Lavant when it comes to inhabiting several characters with aplomb.

2. Lincoln – Sally Field
For having such a fierce engagement with everything around her that the hysteria never feels obligatory. We acutely know that Mrs Lincoln has gone to hell and back.

1. The Sessions – Helen Hunt

For taking on such a complicated part and imparting all the wisdom she has on us and her character. Her story is truly a deeply rich one.

Runner Up: NONE

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