Monday, 27 February 2017

The 2016 Cinema Touch Awards - FILM EDITING

Julien Faddoul

5. Jackie – Sebastián Sepúlveda
For juggling many themes and different time-frames all superbly.

4. The Love Witch – Anna Biller
For rhythms that pierce throughout the film’s core as she weaves seamlessly with her stylistic application.

3. La La Land – Tom Cross
For pure infectiousness. Those frustrated by the lack of new aesthetic ideas should be persuaded by the fierce commitment to bygone ones.

2. Sully – Blu Murray
For helping his director create one of the "good ones". It's riveting and taut.

1. OJ: Made in America – Bret Granato, Maya Mumma, Ben Sozanski
For a masterpiece of film editing, the film weaves all these elements together into a gripping, spine-tingling non-fiction thriller without a single wasted second of its imposing runtime.

Runner Up: Moonlight – Joi McMillon, Nat Sanders

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