Friday, 27 February 2015

The 2014 Cinema Touch Awards - FILM EDITING

Julien Faddoul

5. Starred Up – Jake Roberts, Nick Emerson
For such immeasurable cohesion within that prison. Fun fact: They edited the film as Mackenzie was shooting it.

4. Gone Girl – Kirk Baxter
For being once again his director's best friend, aiding him in his bitter elegance.

3. Edge of Tomorrow – James Herbert
For abiding us in having such fun with time, place, flavour and comedy.

2. Listen Up Philip – Robert Greene
For a formidable use of sophisticated impressionability as we weave in and out of humorous quips to crushing sadness.

1. The Immigrant – John Axelrad, Kayla Emter
For movements so eloquent that we become fussy over the film's meaning. The crystallization in the last 15 minutes is what is so brilliantly handled.

Runner Up: American SniperJoel Cox, Gary Roach

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