Friday, 28 February 2014

The 2013 Cinema Touch Awards - DIRECTOR

Julien Faddoul

5. The Unspeakable Act – Dan Sallitt
For all the grasp of a virtuoso. His voice is so clear and strong and he hits his target with total precision.

4. Gravity – Alfonso Cuaron
For never denying the experience of watching the movie from the movie-watching experience. He sends us a bridge of compassion that we can all walk together.

3. No – Pablo Larrain
For executing it all with such aplomb, imbibing us in a cinematic lead-blanket that pervades the picture.

2. Before Midnight – Richard Linklater
For infusing the romance and elation of love with the romance and elation of the cinema, and handling it all like a true master.

1. The Wind Rises – Hayao Miyazaki
For being my greatest teacher. It's no secret that he's my favourite living filmmaker and even though our dreams can sometimes disappoint us, Miyazaki never does.

Runner Up: Frances HaNoah Baumbach

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