Friday, 28 February 2014

The 2013 Cinema Touch Awards - FILM EDITING

Julien Faddoul

5. I'm So Excited – Jose Salcedo
For assisting Almodovar to make aimlessness an appraisal.

4. 12 Years a Slave – Joe Walker
For rhythmically conveying 12 years of a bottomless pit of time wasted and suffered.

3. Drug War – Allen Leung
For a dauntless display of narrative comprehension, even with To's expressionistic touches.

2. No – Andrea Chignoli
For a glorious trick to behold and the best use of archival footage maybe ever.

1. The Wind Rises – Takeshi Seyama
For, as always, serving his director so well. Working, this time, within the ramifications of the biographical makes it an even greater achievement.

Runner Up: The Unspeakable ActDan Sallitt

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